Thank you- athlete

Thank you, to the men and women with unique stories, who made it.

Thank you- aunt

You may find it strange to accept a letter of thanks from me but at some point of time in life, I need to take a pause and tell you how important your presence is, in my life.

I have also read your articles and interviews, the way you think makes me to think what others even don’t try to think.

Thank you- author

Thank you- banker

Often people tend to forget how bankers need to be appreciated just like we appreciate everyone else we know.

Thank you- boss

A company won’t be reaching its goal point successfully until they have a good boss who knows how to bring it up to that level

Thank you- brother

To the times we fight and we argue but deep down we love each other the most, this goes to you brother

Thank you- builder

Have you ever considered why it’s important to thank a builder as well?

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Thank you- business owner

I give my heartful thanks for completing our large order of raw material on time as we have promised some of our customers

Thank you- carpenter

Thanks a lot for serving us well. We are really very proud to have workers like you. Your honesty and willingness to work cannot be admired in words

Thank you- Cashier

Thank you for being a cashier. Thank you for choosing to dispense cash to the public – the needy, the old and the young alike

Thank you- Chef

Thank you for making the most sumptuous dishes on time and whetting our appetite

Thank you- Cobbler

Thank you for mending and repairing our shoes

Thank you- Colleague

A best friend may or may not be a good colleague, but vice-versa is definitely possible.

Thank you- Father

Thank you for all the things you have ever done for me.

Thank you- Film Director

Today  I am writing this letter to thank you all for each and every  time you have created movies which are capable of making people lay back and forget about their chaotic lives for a while

Thank you- Grandparents

I love you! More than anything or anyone in this world, more than my parents, my relatives, my friends, more than anybody.

Thank you- Husband

I could not hold back the love I have for you and here I’m trying to fit all the overwhelming love through a thank you note.

Thank you- Lawyer

I am writing this letter to thank you for your contributions in establishing law and order. You have devoted your life to fight for what is right.

Thank you- Mayor

Being a Mayor brings a lot of responsibilities and I thank you for choosing to be one.

Thank you- Mother

A THANKS doesn’t begin to describe the grateful emotion I feel towards you dear mother

Thank you- police officers

It’s an honour for me to thank the police officers who dedicate their life for safeguarding the innocent citizens.

Thank you- Postman

You are a person noted for courageous acts or nobility of character; you truly are a “hero”. A messenger in times of grave need.

Thank you- Priest

The kind of inspiration for which you’ve always channelized is to lift others up from their deprived situation, to inspire the people of the world to higher aspirations, to provoke people to noble virtues and to raise the consciousness of mankind.

Thank you- principal

I take this moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for all your contributions towards my success and growth.

Thank you- Social worker

A person every single soul on the earth should thank!!!!!

Thank you- Soldier

Thank you for choosing to serve your country above all the other thousands of career options that you could’ve chosen instead.

Thank you- Son

Thank you for being one of the greatest gifts of my life. I cannot imagine a world without you.

Thank you- Teacher

You are a wonderful teacher, and this is just an expression to show how inspired and grateful I am to have a teacher like you.

Thank you- waiter

I wish to show my gratitude for your relentless efforts at making mine and everybody else’s outings comfortable.

Thank you- Watchman

So, thank you Mr. Watchman.

Thank you for safe guarding me and my house.

Thank you- Daughter

Dear daughter,

Thank you for being the best daughter in the world.

Thank you- Doctor

Thank you for making us reach on time regardless of the weather conditions.

Thank you- Fire Fighter

Thank you for saving lives and property. Thank you for never hesitating in helping us and being punctual, regardless of time. 

Thank you- florist

Thank you for picking and packing beautiful, fresh flower bouquets for us. Thank you for having a good variety of flowers, taking care of them. 

Thank you- Farmer

Thank you growing good crops and giving us our basic requirement, that is food. We have proper food to eat because of your efforts and sincerity

Thank you- Driver

Thank you for making us reach on time regardless of the weather conditions. 

Thank you- Scientist

Thank you for inventing new things making science more vast and better.

Thank you- Sister

Thank you for motivating me when I was low and needed someone.

Thank you- Wife

Thank you for always being there and loving me endlessly.

Thank you- Health Coach

Thank you for taking care of my health and keeping the record of my calories, weight, height, etc.

Thank you- Leader

Thank you for guiding us and being so supportive.

Thank you for believing in each one of us and making us confident.

Thank you- Animal Trainer

Thank you for teaching animals how to behave and making them more friendly towards people.