Email your boss or professor and tell them how much you love learning from them


Subject:Thank you For Being My Guru,MyTeacher,My Boss.

The word “Guru” when broken down literally in sanskrit , goes something like this,here :“Gu” means darkness “Ru” means dispeller.

You have truly dispelled darkness from my life by enlightening me with good values and morals.

You always portrayed yourself like a friend to me ,with whom I could share anything and everything

I still remember ,how you used to tell me why friends are important in life and why your parents and teachers are your closest friends.

You brought clarity in my life.Even though I ended up making some horrendous mistakes ,you ensured that I learned from those mistakes.

You never imposed things on me rather you made it  obvious that whatever you said was for my own good.

Thankyou guru! For washing away the darkness from my soul and filling it with pure love and knowledge.

I would pray to the god for blessing every student with a teacher like you.

Yours sincerely, Karan.

#respect #smile #happiness