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Humanity First Foundation gives Upma daily at government hospitals every day

Recently India has surpassed the toll of coronavirus cases in China and now stands at 90,927 confirmed cases and 2872 deaths and 311k deaths worldwide. People in acquaintance with corona positive patients are also disturbed. Some could manage the expenses of treatment but others are not much privileged. They spent all their income in the treatments of their loved ones and Government aid failed to reach them and appease their hunger.    Mohammed Shujatullah, the founder of Hyderabad based- Humanity First Foundation, decided to set up a food drive for more than 600 needy people outside hospitals in Hyderabad when he saw hundreds of people starving on roads and platforms. Shujatullahtold InUth, "I have only one criterion: humanity. I don’t ask anyone what’s their religion, caste, creed, or belief. Everyone gets food,”. Founded in 2016, the organization is serving nearly 1000+ needy people "Free healthy breakfast" which is Upma made in pure ghee and served with chutney at 3 government hospitals every day.  Mother Teresa said " Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love". You can also help the foundation bring a big change by making a doantion for this cause here.

By - Mayank Gupta 

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