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Inteview with Nirbhed Foundation

Nirbhed foundation , an all India jurisdiction non-government organization established in 2015, is a team of young professional . Nirbhed Foundation works on a strong belief that

“if we make people capable and enable them with knowledge and skills, it would help them far more than providing them with materialistic resources.”  In an exclusive interview with us , we talked about how the story behind starting this organisation and how they are helping out the others in this time of pandemic.

Lead Kindness : What is the story behind the beginning of your foundation ? Nirbhed : The foundation started with teaching the slum area children, children who never went to school or dropout due to financial or family condition... Hence 7 year ago in 2013 the founders started to teach slum area children and seeing the condition and need , they started provided meals as well as many children were not studying as they need to earn for their two time meal.Giving them was a motivation that we are giving you free education and meal you just have to come and study... In 2015 the Foundation was registered under the name Nirbhed Foundation with  Mr Sushil Kumar Meena ( Senior Section Engineer in Northern Railways ) as the founder and  Miss Taruna Vidhay ( Branch Manager a t Union Bank ) as Co - Founder . Both of them are government Employees and were HBTI Kanpur college pass out and started the foundation to provide education to the slum area children. 

Lead Kindness:How are you reaching to the people in the lockdown ? Nirbhed : We have education centers at different location in ghaziabad and other states as well... We started with providing meals  to the families of students who were getting education at our center . But then we surveyed and found out there are many who are hit by this lock-down, all jobs are lost. Daily wage workers do not above anything to do and there were no source of income.So, all our volunteers who were teaching before now have joined us in reaching out to people.We have our phone numbers out there, whenever we get a call we reach that place, have a survey how much is needed and then distribute token to the families depending upon the number of person in family and then distribute ration following social distancing protocols. As an NGO , We have permission to work in Ghaziabad region but we are trying ot reach near by places as well, like noida meerut and near by villages. Lead Kindness: Can you provide us the number of people you have reached out till now and the success of your covid-19 drive ? Nirbhed : Yes till now we have reached 6000 families, and have distributed 1.5 Million meals.More the number of volunteers  are joining we are reaching out to many more day by day. We provide both cooked and uncooked meal as well.There are places where people urgently need food and could not prepare there we provide cooked meals like mostly to the migrant labor who are going to the hometown and on the way do not have anything to eat and drink. So we are trying to reach as many we are and the numbers are increasing day by day. By :- Mayank Gupta 

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