Lead Kindness Hero B.C. GUPTA

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

B.C. Gupta is the owner of “Aeroplanet” school, which is a place for children to have a look at airplanes. B.C. Gupta not only gives the children a close look of the airplanes but also motivates them to become a pilot, air hostess, etc. He inspires them to be fearless and become good humans by doing something for the country. He fulfills their dreams and makes their paths easier. B.C. Gupta started the school when he was working at Delhi airport and people from his villages wanted to see airplanes, he then decided to give them an opportunity of looking at the airplanes. Many people have volunteered and supported the school. B.C. Gupta has lead kindness by inspiring the little kids, by giving them a chance to look at airplanes and dream big.

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