Mr.Arjun Kumar the organizer of "Humanity" is approaching around 800 days of administration in giving newly arranged nourishment to the poor. He's a specialist who deals with visits and ventures and furthermore cooking administration. Other than his work timing and family circumstance, he's requiring significant investment ordinarily to take care of the individuals who are denied and are out of luck. This crown episode has not halted his administration as he sees for places with necessity, in and around Thrissur and serves nourishment bundles for almost 200 individuals for every day.

He's additionally an individual from a club where the club individuals hold delivers giving Pothi choru, staple goods, nourishment, vegetables and covers to everyday citizens who can't stand to get their essential necessities since they've lost their employment because of this across the country lockdown.

Generally Mr. Arjun supplies nourishment for the individuals in halfway houses and mature age homes around Coimbatore. Since this episode, he additionally ensures that he's looking for places where there's a prerequisite and serves them. Thiroor, Kuttumuck, Cherpu are a portion of the spots that he'd serve individuals consistently. Since 2017 he has been serving the poor individuals and this idea of magnanimity was for some time planted in his psyche and after his dad's demise he settled on a choice to begin the administration recognizing his introduction to the world commemoration in 2017.


written by:Lakshmi Muralidharan

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