Lead Kindness Hero RAHUL VERMA

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

Rahul Verma founder of “Uday Foundation” has worked on the health of people, specially kids. His major focus is on the people who are on streets or victims of natural calamities. He named this foundation as “Uday Foundation” because his son’s name is Uday and he loves to work with kids since they give him a lot of positive energy. He started this organisation 9 years back when his son, Uday was born with imperforate anus and other disorders. He went to AIIMS Hospital for his treatment and saw the atmosphere, how people were living on footpaths outside the hospital for treatments. After a while he left his job, since he liked going to the hospital and was inspired how those people were trying to make his life better, regardless of how worse was their life. He expects people to visit hospitals at least on Sundays and distribute sweets to the children who feel sad and gloomy as they are not able to go out and play, or even talk or sit next to the senior citizens.

Rahul Verma showed kindness by working on the welfare of children, empathising them, and we all should do the same.

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