Lead Kindness Hero Vivek from Coimbatore

Never fear the fear

Mr. Vivek, a social worker from Coimbatore has taken measures to help patients who are affected with corona and has been admitted in the ESI hospital, Coimbatore. He's helping people to get some awareness regarding the disease and it's spread.

This started when he admitted one patient who's affected with corona to the ESI hospital, Coimbatore and he found many people who didn't follow social distancing and they also lacked awareness. People there are afraid and they're aware that there's a great virus outbreak but they're unaware of the symptoms and they're also don't follow the basic instructions that are said to be followed during the crisis time.

He's serving food to those who are in the isolation ward in the hospital and he attends the patients' attenders and passes on the things that they get for the patients. Apart from serving on time for the patients, he also distributes food to those who are in need of it. He goes on a food drive to all the places in Coimbatore with proper permissions.

We salute our Lead Kindness Hero Vivek from Coimbatore

Stroy By : Gayathri Krithika


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