An employee of IOCL, Paradip has made his ordinary life into extraordinary one by taking some small initiative to making a difference.After the spreading of the virus COVID 19, India took the biggest lead by initiating the lockdown in India.

The whole world is in a state of crisis but not everyone is having the right to stay home and stay safe. This includes all those people who are associated in providing the essential services.Starting from the our sanitation workers to grocery workers to fuel producers and so on, all are out to make sure that we are safe and healthy in our home.

Mihir Singhal is a General Manager in IOCL who has been going to work since the beginning of the lockdown to fulfil his duty even in the times of crises because serving the nation comes before serving self. On the top of it he has contributed 50 thousand rupees towards PM Modi’s COVID 19 relied fund to help those who need it.

A big thanks to Mihir Singhal for contributing in this crisis and helping the ones in need and taking the risk of going to work everyday.


Written by:Aprajita Singhal

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