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Voice Of Slums distributes Ration Kits to Slum children

After the lockdown, there is an exponential increase in the unemployment rate. India is home to the largest population of slum children in the world. Some of the people there had a daily wage job and were not dependent on anyone to feed their family. But they are now jobless. It is obvious that those who were hardly  getting two meals a day would have savings in their bank accounts for an unprecedented situation like this. Today, they are suffering. As a result, their children are also affected . Voice of Slums has been striving to change the lives of these slum children. Voice of Slums has provided many children with education and vocational skills. They are now relentlessly working towards saving these children from Corona. They are working to provide these children with a corona prevention kit and ration kit as well. Each kit is worth 300rs. contains a face mask to prevent the virus from entering the respiratory tract, liquid hand wash, and soaps to prevent transmission through hands. Ration kit contains refined oil, 8kg rice, 4 kg sugar, salt, atta, and dal. On 8 May at Som Bajar sector 45 Noida, they helped 300+ needy families by providing them a 1-month ration.   Voice of Slum is an NGO based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Their mission is to get slum kids into education, train slum teenagers on vocational skills, and help them fit in the mainstream society. The NGO is run by those born in slums, who have been through it all. They now want to help other slum kids have a better life. BY- Mayank Gupta

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